Training Videos

Account Setup and Information Population

Welcome to the CiiRUS Training Program! These videos are designed for new users with little to no experience using the CiiRUS Vacation Rental Software. These videos will serve as an instrument of instruction that facilitates the training process. The goal of these videos is to give a broad overview of the main functions of the software as well as provide some industry tips and suggestions. These videos will also list step by step instructions on how to use features of the software. If further explanation is required, please schedule a Q & A session with your CiiRUS Trainer to review any questions.

After training session one, homework is assigned in order for the upcoming training session to be understandable and successful. Every effort has been made to ensure that these videos are an accurate representation of the functionality of CiiRUS. As with every software application, development continues after the videos have gone to press so small modifications may occur.

Once again, thank you for choosing CiiRUS! Now let’s get started!


Homework will provide practice and help you learn how to navigate through the software. The following information must be populated in order to understand the upcoming training session. Steps on how to do each function will be listed below as well.

  • Upload logo.
    •   Management Company > General Settings > General Tab > Upload Logo
  • Enter Company information.
    •  Management Company > General Settings > General Tab
  • Enter General Information about your company that will appear at the bottom of Guest Booking Confirmation. For example, emergency contact number, check in and out times, business hours.
    •  Management Company > General Settings > Guest Confirmation tab
  • Enter all company contacts and vendors (cleaners, staff members, maintenance vendors) and fill in all fields including categories.
    •  Management Company > Contacts
  • Enter Owners residential address, phone numbers, etc.
    •  Owners & Homes > Manage Owners
  • Tick box for Property Details Read-Only for Owner’s Online Login Account.
    •  Owners & Homes > Manage Owners > Application Settings > tick box
  • Enter Property Address and apply Property Features for each property.
    •  Owners & Homes > Property Name / Location > Property Features
  • Enter electronic or lock box codes, Wi-Fi details, and alarm / gate codes for each property.
    •  Owners & Homes > Mc Specific Property Details
  • Enter bedroom configurations, specify tax location, community, housekeeping fee for each property. Apply cleaners to each property as well.
    •  Owners & Homes > Quick Property Setup > Tick all View Settings at the top > update each field
  • Create Booking Categories / Suppliers.
    •  Reservation & Quoting > Booking Settings > Booking Categories
  • Configure Quote Settings for each property.
    •  Reservations & Quoting > Quote Settings > Go through each tab and setup each box. Quote Settings is property specific, these settings must be applied to every property in the system.
  • Enter Cart Extra’s and apply settings.
    •  Reservation & Quoting > Cart Settings
  • Create rate sets, date band, seasons for each property.
    •  Reservation & Quoting > Edit Rates
  • Assign rate sets to each property.
    •  Reservation & Quoting > Edit Rates > Assign Rate Sets to Properties

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